During the consultation in your home, I will briefly explain who I am, how I work, and in general, what I can do for you.

We might discuss topics, such as:

  • your interest in hiring an experienced organizer at this time
  • the place(s) or area in your home you would like organized
  • the purpose or function this place is currently serving and its value to you
  • the importance of this place in your daily life or that of your family
  • the way in which and the period over which this area became noticeably cluttered
  • your expectations of the project and of me
  • your ideas about what needs to change in the designated area
  • your image of how the designated place will look when the project is completed, for example, will the items be organized based on color, function, frequency of use, etc.
  • your challenges in maintaining that area, i.e., the people or circumstances that might prevent you from or slow you down in your efforts to keep its appearance and order

We can ask questions of each other. You might express any concerns you have about starting an organizing project in your home at this or any time.

I’ll explain to you when and why I think we need to work together on your organizing project. You can tell me how involved you might want to be in the project or when you want to be involved.  We may need to negotiate when and/or how often we will work together.

When we have covered what we each wanted to cover, we will set up a date for our meeting at which time I will present you with my proposal.