“Working with Amelia was a fantastic experience. She involved me in the process, showing respect for my ideas, concerns and needs. On the first day, she changed my entire desk area from messy to amazing. Not only did she clear, clean and organize my desk systematically and logically, but she made it made it more functional and accessible for my daily activities. When she was finished, the space she had created was warm and welcoming. Walking upstairs and into my office was a Zen experience! Thank, you Amelia.”

Kali Rodriguez,Life coach/Inspirational speaker

“Amelia is a rock star. She transformed my entire house. As a single mom and busy professional that often offices from home, I had overflow of business and personal everywhere. She came into my space and made sense out of chaos, truly creating a space that I can work / live / function in.Thanks to Amelia and her keen eye for placement, I have a home that now has flow and makes sense.”

Sasha Wytrwal, Creative Director/Founder/Principal

“When I moved, I looked for someone to help me organize my furniture and clothing in my new place. I found Amelia. She was both professional and personable.  Like other organizers with whom I am familiar, she had the technical expertise needed to properly and proficiently organize my furniture and clothing.”

“Where Amelia seemed to differ from other organizers was the way she approached my home as both a job and a challenging puzzle.  When I hired her, I did not know that that I was hiring both an organizer and an artist.  As an organizer, she was methodical.  As an artist, she was creative.  As an organizer, she brought about order and accessibility.  As an artist, she paid particular attention to detail and used the space available to make my home warm, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing.  The only way to describe Amelia is just this.  She does not just organize – she transforms.”

Kathy Wohlert, Ph.D.

“When I bought my house in Great Hills, it was a hectic time for my business. I did not have the initiative or the energy to pay attention to the details of unpacking, moving in, and coordinating the service crews that I needed to do the minor repairs and adjustments of a new house.  And for me it was important to make really my new house a home.  I was so happy to have Amelia there to be my agent and supervise the details of the move.  She stepped up and did a yeoman’s job managing the movers, the repair folks, and the service providers that we needed to make the move so smooth. I literally went to work one morning and came back to a home than was 90% unpacked and settled. Within 3 days she had the art on the walls, the kitchen organized — even the garage organized. The only boxes left behind were records that were for long term storage. She blew me away. I could not believe how fast and efficient she and her team was. Amelia’s skill set in organization and her artistic view of space made my house a welcoming home for me. I am forever grateful.”

Tom Schnorr, founder/owner Austin Compounding pharmacy/ certified nutritionist                                             

“Amelia’s organizational services were given to me as a wedding gift from a dear friend. I long to have a clutter free home with systems that are proficient to keep it that way. Amelia and her talents were exactly what I needed and exceeded every expectation. Below is a list of just a few of the ways Amelia helped me and why I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a home or room transformation.

  • Professional, personable, and positive throughout the entire process.
  • Efficient with the time we had.
  • Asked excellent questions to determine the main areas of concern and the biggest stressors with those areas.
  • Helped me optimize and maximize the space in each room of our tiny 850 square foot house with zero storage space.
  • Prompted me to part with unnecessary clutter and gave me a plan for the things I wasn’t ready to let go of.
  • Went above and beyond with shopping and research for items that would make better systems and use of space.
  • Respectful of my style and budget throughout the process.
  • A joy to work with.”

Rebecca Burris

“Amelia came to organize my home office, and I can’t begin to explain how much better everything looked.  I felt so much better after she had worked her magic. I think that she actually was able to organize a piece of my brain by organizing my office. That piece was causing me a huge amount of stress, some of which I wasn’t even aware of. I would definitely recommend that you do the same for your space. Hire Amelia. Hire her now!”

Keith Powell, CFP®, CDFA™

“I’ve been using Amelia for her personal organizational design services for several years now. She has a natural ability to help me stay focused while attempting to get my things in order. I like to be a part of the organizational process, work alongside of her, because it helps me to better understand the systems being implemented and to find my belongings from the very get go. I know she is also good at taking the job on her own – if you are the not the kind of person that likes to be involved. It’s your call, but believe me, she is fast, efficient, and positively a delight to be around and work with.”

Michelle Kazer, Hair color specialist/stylist