The consultation & the proposal $60/hour
These services are explained in previous sections.
Move-in and Designing Services $60/hour
These services include coming up and researching ideas, creating, finding and purchasing items for organizational system’s to be implemented
Manual Labor $48.50/hour
The services provided include:

  • unpacking boxes,
  • sorting, inventorying and placing items
  • cleaning shelves and other storage spaces,
  • lifting, clearing, packing and/or removing items,
  • and moving and placing furniture and other accessories.
Installation/ Project Assistant $38.50/hour
The services provided project assistant include:

  • measuring, cutting and installing shelf or draw liners
  • installing shelving or other storage systems
  • hanging curtain rods, larger mirrors and art work
  • assisting me with sorting, inventorying and clearing
  • moving and placing furniture and other accessories
  • lifting heavier items to be stored or disposed of

Note: Unusually large projects or early deadlines may require the addition of one or more team members to complete projects on schedule.