The proposal I will present is based, in part, on what we discussed during the consultation; what your expectations are; and how I might achieve your goals for this organizing project.

In developing this proposal, I consider the following factors:


  • What goal do you want to achieve by hiring me?


  • Space: How large is the area that will be organized?
  • Money: How much money are you willing to invest in this project?
  • Time:  How long do you want it to take to complete the project?  Do you have a deadline?


  • For what purpose is the place currently being used?
  • For what purpose do you want it to be used?


  • If you find that some thing or things you wanted done cannot be done due to one or more constraints, what part(s) of the project would you consider most important?


  • What do you value? In other words, what motivates you and guides your decisions?
  • What do you value in terms of the project?


  • What role do aesthetics play in your evaluation of the completed project?

Included in the proposal is a preliminary design for your existing space, into which the following elements of design have been factored:

Use of the space

  • What is the intended function of the new space?


  • How is the room is designed to make it easy to walk around and through it comfortably?


  • What amount of artificial light is necessary to augment the natural light to create a space in which all things are visible and the function for which the space is intended can be achieved?


  • What size is the furniture and how much of it is there?


  • At what height should artwork or wall décor be hung to be seen comfortably at eye level? How does the height of the furniture affect this?

The amount of stuff

  • The size of the space of its intended purpose provide helpful information regarding what should be included in a room’s design.


  • How practical is the space given its intended function?

Balance and harmony

  • How cohesive and connected are the furnishings to each other and to the space?

Mood and atmosphere

  • How do you want people to feel when they are in that space? What color, fabrics and furniture selection will achieve this?


  • What color palate should be chosen given the previous 9 factors?


Also included in the proposal is a work plan and a timeline for completing the project. The plan and timeline ensure that I am using my time and your time effectively and efficiently, thereby saving unnecessary costs throughout the entire process.

Finally, there will be a list of supplies that I will need to purchase that will allow my team to prepare your home for your move-in.

If you decide that what I can do for you – as specified in the proposal – is what you are looking for, then you and I will sign the proposal, at which time it becomes our project agreement.