Amelia Ozyck has been organizing places and designing spaces for clients for 10 years.   Her interest in this work began as a child, when she delighted in re-arranging furniture in different rooms of her home.  She also organized closets throughout the house as well as the cupboards and pantry in the kitchen (sometimes to her parents’ chagrin).   She also enjoyed creative projects, such as painting or working with clay.  All these activities served as a foundation for the work she chose to do as an adult – organizing places and designing spaces.

Her artistic interests also followed her into her adult years — she sculpts and she paints when time allows.  But she especially continues to find delight in her organizing because she approaches it as a complex puzzle that challenges her problem-solving skills and demands attention to detail.  Further, her clients not only admire the quality of her work, but also her qualities as a person, such as her integrity, enthusiasm , kindness and respect for the opinions and interests of others.

What sets Amelia apart from other organizers is her ability to integrate and apply the technical expertise of an organizer, the aesthetic perspective of an artist, and the analytical mind of a business woman in each project she commits to.   The endorsements her former clients have given her tell the story.


The work I do is not just a job – it is my vocation, my calling.  It allows me to merge the methodical, orderly, and practical approach of an organizer with the creative, detail-oriented, imaginative perspective of an artist.

It is my intention to share those skills, talents, and gifts with which I have been blessed with other people….

  • who are ready for a change because they do not want to continue living with the clutter and chaos of some place(s) in their home;
  • who need a change because they sense a lack of harmony or do not enjoy some existing space in their homes; or
  • who must change because they are moving into a new home in which they want to be surrounded by spaces that are lovely, inviting and peaceful.

It is not surprising, though, that as much as people want, need, or must change something in their homes, the idea of a change evokes feelings of anxiety, fear, even dread.  It is for these reasons that the work I do is holistic.  I believe that the emotions people experience during organizing and designing projects are as important as the physical aspects of the project.  I work with people first – then things.