During the consultation in your current home or other meeting location, I will briefly explain who I am, how I work, and in general, what I can do for you.

We might discuss topics, such as:

  • the place(s) or area(s) in your home in which you would like to have boxes unpacked and furniture and accessories arranged
  • the importance your new home has for you in your daily life or that of your family
  • your expectations of the project and of me
  • your ideas about what and how furnishings should be arranged
  • your image of how your home (or areas within your home) will look when the project is completed

We can ask questions of each other. You might express any concerns you have about starting an organizing project in your home at this or any time.

I’ll explain to you when and why I think we need to work together on your organizing project. You can tell me how involved you might want to be in the project or when you want to be involved.  We may need to negotiate when and/or how often we will work together.

During the consultation, I will ask that you provide me with:

  • an inventory of your furnishings and possessions to be used in sketching preliminary plans for organizing and designing your new space, and
  • a graphic layout of your new apartment or house, including square footage, room dimensions, etc., so that I can visualize the placement of your possessions, know what storage will be available, and in which rooms my team will be arranging the furniture and accessories.

If possible, I would also like to drive by your new apartment or house with you so that I can see your new home, its windows and doors, and any other part of it that will help me understand your style. I would also like to hear you describe what it looks like inside.

When we have covered what we each wanted to cover, and seen what I wanted to see, we will set up a date for our next meeting at which time I will present you with my proposal.