Once the movers have put that last box on the floor in the kitchen, it is time for us to sit down with you to go over the preliminary plans that we described in the project proposal. At that time, it may be apparent or necessary that we modify some part of parts of those plans to make them more consistent with the reality we now see.

I have a team of workers who will help with labor-intensive tasks and professionals ready to assist with your information management needs.

My goal is to design spaces within your new home that are functional, aesthetically-pleasing and tailored to your needs, desires and lifestyle. I do this to help you achieve your goal of getting settled into your new home as timely, effectively, and efficiently as possible.

To achieve my goals, my team and I will perform the following tasks:

  • Install liners in drawers, cabinets and cupboards and on shelves throughout the house.
  • Install storage systems.
  • Unpack with you and determine where the contents belong.
  • Move the contents into the appropriate room and assess the storage space.
  • Sort and group your belongings.
  • Put your items where they belong, maximizing use of storage space.
  • Place and arrange furniture based on our design plan.
  • Accessorize rooms.
  • Decide where photos, paintings, etc. should be hung and hang them accordingly.
  • Install non-custom window treatments.

Contact me as soon as you know when you are moving so that we can arrange a date(s) on which we can discuss how my services can best benefit you and fulfill your needs and desires.